Skin Care

The skin is the largest organ in our body and it acts as a protective barrier for the body, keeping harmful diseases and pollutants out and essential body fluids in. The upper dermis or top layer of skin has five layers, which are constantly turning over to make new skin while it sheds old skin. At the deepest layer, new cells are formed that begin to migrate up toward the skin’s surface. There, they are eventually exfoliated. This new skin process takes about six weeks and in healthy skin, the new skin cells are well organized, uniform in size, shape, pigmentation, and structure.

As we age, skin accumulates damage from sun exposure, trauma, toxins, hormonal changes, and more. As a result, the healthy functions of the skin start to break down and the following results:

  • Turnover of healthy skin cells slow down
  • Skin becomes discolored, dry, and rough
  • Skin thins out creating wrinkles from habitual and repeated contractions of the underlying muscles
  • The lips become flat and lose their definition with the adjacent skin
  • Skin cells lose their plumpness due to decreased water content

The deeper layer of the skin (the dermis) undergoes degenerative changes as well which enhances the aging process by:

  • Loss of collagen fibers and increased elastic fibers creating skin to sag
  • Fat has decreased water content so tissue loses its plumpness and form
  • Decreased blood flow and moisture results in dull, lifeless skin

Now combine all these changes with gravity, and you can understand the results of sagging skin with wrinkles and deep folds.


The process of skin aging can be dramatically decreased if you practice a daily skin care regimen. The key is keeping your skin in good health to ensure good blood supply, moisture, and necessary nutrients.

Our skin rejuvenation program consists of Kinerase products because they reduce fine wrinkles, lighten areas of hyperpigmentation, and produce a softer texture to the skin. After about five to six weeks of use, the skin demonstrates a healthy sheen and color to it.


To enhance skin care and the rejuvenation process, we provide facial peels:

  • Exfoliant peels

These are superficial peels mainly to aid in the exfoliation of the top layer of skin. These enhance the products used for skin care on a daily basis. These take very little time and actually are referred to as lunchtime peels and have very little downtime to none at all.

  • Deep facial peels

These consist of TCA peels and utilize the OBAGIA peel or also known as the blue peel. These are also done in the office with no anesthesia, however does require several days of downtime because of the peeling effect. These peels actually get down into the dermis of the skin to correct fine to moderate wrinkles.

The ultimate procedure to alleviate fine to deep wrinkles and skin deep irregularities is the CO2  laser. These can be used in small anatomical areas on the face or preferably the entire facial area. This technology actually shrinks the cells in the dermis layer forming a new foundation for the skin itself. This procedure is done under sedation, and downtime can take a few days up to a week.

Our ultimate goal in skin care treatment is to provide a smoother, fresher, younger looking healthier skin.